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How real people said about our initiative, GeniusBrain (by Birdlet Foundation).


Julie Moffat

Elementary Teacher

” Esha presented an excellent experiment with neuroscience yesterday. The kidds were extremely interested in the science behind it and amazed at the idea of what they consider “mind control”. She took the time to answer their questions, each and everyone. Several of the students said, their interest in Medical Science was peaked by this demonstration.”


Jennifer Frederich

Camp Director/Elementary Teacher

“ Esha presented a wonderful demonstration on Neuroscience for 90 campers at Camp Invention. The campers were engaged and many of them asked to stay after their parents arrived so they could watch until the end. She arrived ahead of time and set-up, was dressed professionally and worked well with students. ”



Allison Hollow

Elementary Teacher

“ Yesterday I had the priveledge of seeing Esha present a Neuroscience demonstration to a group of third graders. She did a great job involving the kids in her demonstration. The group was very engaged. We learned how important it is to get into medical field. The kids learned how brain can control muscle movement. Great Job! ”



Angelina Emery

Elementary Teacher

“ Esha presented a very age appropriate demonstration of Neuroscience. She explained the function of the brain as transmitter to our body parts thereby sending signals for movement. She explained how Alizheimer patients may eventually benefit from outside transmittors helping their quality of life. ”



Christin Becker

Elementary Teacher

“ Esha came to our class of 5-6 years old scientists to share her knowledge of Neuroscience. The kids were excited to see what seemed like a magic trick but was really science at work! She made sure to assure students understood. No one would be shocked or hurt and took time to explain what is going on. She also took the time to encourage these kiddos to keep exploring and working because they could be scientists one day too !! ”



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