Apply As an Instructor

Interested in applying to become a new Instructor? Follow the steps below.

The Neuroscience events are taught by trained, peer, volunteer instructors. All of our Instructors complete an Instructor Training program, which teaches the practicalities of teaching a Neuroscience to students.

Instructors can teach Neuroscience in their local area or travel to teach. We’ve held events in Charlotte area. We match our Instructors with teaching opportunities that fit their schedules, travel interests, and availability.

There are two steps to becoming an Instructor.

Take the Instructor Training course
The training course runs over two full days and covers the basics of educational psychology, human psychology, knowledge of Neuroscience and how to apply both to teaching events for Neuroscience.

Complete the checkout process
You must complete three short tasks after the course in order to complete certification. These checkout tasks will be provided to you and take a total of approximately 8-10 hours. Once you’ve read the detailed instructions, please our simplified checklist to keep track of your progress.

How To Become an Instructor

Interested in applying to become an Instructor? Follow the steps above.

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